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Ready for the Paint Shop

Pinole Police Department

Pinole Refurbishment Project

Chairs out for Upholstery

These vehicles have improved braking and an enhanced ABS system, a stabilized platform, and improved cornering and traction, reducing tire wear. The improved handling makes for considerably shorter stopping distances than standard vehicles, and significantly reduces fish tailing.

Additionally, cryogenic rotors and pads, a rear high-performance sway bar, upper and lower rear track bars, and polypropylene upgraded bushings makes these vehicles better than brand new!

In the above picture, Commander Raul Alvizo with the Delano Police Department is picking up one of his refurbished vehicles . With shrinking budgets, Police Departments are able to cut their vehicle replacement costs in half by refurbishing their vehicles.

Seton with Chief Donald Fernald & Corporal Mike Dresen. Rowland Unified School District is very happy with the vehicles we have refurbished for them.

Here are some of our vehicles that we have refurbished for the Town of Paradise. This police department had a great bunch of people to work for and there town really has a touch of paradise about it.

REVIEW..P71 vs Charger: First round KO by CVPI

After getting ’’Steve’’ (the name my daughters gave the car) washed, I noticed marks from the OCTA stickers that had previously been on the car. I gave a good friend, who is an OC Airport/Transit Authority Office, a call and mentioned it to him. He laughed and said maybe it was one of his old cars. He went on to tell me about how great the CVPI’s are, how well they perform and how much safer they are than other cars. He told me about an accident two officers were involved in with a brand new CVPI. They were t-boned in an intersection by a car going approximately 60 mph that ran a red light. Both officers walked away from the crash with only minor injuries. He told me that he’s sorry to see Ford discontinue the CVPI. He said the Dodge Chargers, while fast, are not holding up to service duty requirements and they are too small for most officer’s comfort. So, you picked the right product!

I am seriously considering buying another, newer, lower mileage CVPI for myself before they halt production in 2011.

~ Robert Carruth