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Crown Victoria Police Interceptors - By Seton

How much do you love your husband/wife/kids/pets - SHOW IT!

The Interceptor P71 is now available from Wild Rose Motors Police Interceptors. Low mileage/late models/safe cars starting at $5,000. What a deal! Stay alive on the freeways and look after the family - all while getting great freeway gas mileage - better than some 4 cylinder cars!!!

How is this possible??? A 4.6 V8, automatic, full-size, steel reinforced body with a box chassis frame that weighs more than 4,000 lbs, heavy duty everything, 4-Door Sedan that is High Performace/High Crash Test Rated/High Speed/High Safety Rated.

These cars are made especially by Ford for the Federal Government for Federal/State/City Department Employees to drive - keeping them safe on the job. Not available for sale New to the public.

These CVPI's are made, not to a price, but to the best full sized car Ford can build with the heavy duty police interceptor package. The Federal Government goes to the major manufacturers and asks them to build the safest, fastest, strongest, most reliable, most fuel efficient vehicles with low maintenance costs they can build to supply vehicles to the Federal Government and agencies.

These cars are tested by Ford and the Federal Government to a higher standard than any other car on the road. Crash Tested at 75 MPH with a 5 star rating & almost twice the crash test speed of any other vehicle. It is a Super Car! This is IT! The best car on the road, in my opinion!!! A no-brainer (I think) for it's cost. I cannot think of a car that I would rather be driving during an automobile accident. Even the top-end imports are over $100,000, in my opinion, they are not as safe as the Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.

These CVPI's are an industry secret - not advertised at all. We want to have people safer out there on the roads & will do what it takes to have you driving a CVPI from Wild Rose Motors Police Interceptors.

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