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Liberty™ II, Solo™ IX & IG Low Current Series
Liberty™ II, Solo™ IX & IG Low Current Series
With improved optic design and technology, the next generation of Whelen’s Liberty Lightbar is tougher than ever.
? Aluminum top shield stays cool, protects the lightbar from nature’s elements and directs heat away from internal components
? The I/O board snaps into brackets. Point to point wiring between the I/O board and each lighthead creates a clean look and allows for easy reconfiguration
Legacy® GB WeCan® DUO+™ Color Series Super-LED®
Legacy® GB WeCan® DUO+™ Color Series Super-LED®
•Lower profile than the Liberty but with increased intensity puts the Legacy a step ahead of all other lightbars on the market today.
•Newly designed, high-output linear combo "Multi-Angled" corner modules produce light forward and rear and at the critical 45° angles. The four combo modules produce 360° warning signal.
Inner Edge® XLP Low Current, DUO+™
Inner Edge® XLP Low Current, DUO+™
Inner Edge XLP LC (Low Current) DUO, extra low profile 6-LED upper front interior lightbars have features are similar to the WeCan version, but with low current (LC) switching, low power, and includes Super-LED® lightheads and mounting hardware kit. With six or twelve 6-LED DUO Color LEDs lighthead modules, it’s like having two lightbars in one.

Go Rhino - Road Defender 5000 Series
Go Rhino - Road Defender 5000 Series
• Heavy duty steel

• Superior grille bumper protection

• Cross-plate pre-drilled for easy mounting of additional equipment

• Increased light visibility and speaker volume

• Optional brush guards add extra protection from deer and other road hazards

• Does not interfere SRS Airbag System
Molded Seating
Molded Seating
Contructed from TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin), one of the toughest, durable & most comfortable plastics on the market today

ultra-resilient and resistant to chemicals, UV rays, cracking, or becoming brittle.

Seat belts meet all SAE and FMVSS standards with patented Pro- Straint grip handle.

Sleek from fitting trim lines do not require any fillers, gaskets or spacers

AEDEC´s innovative designs have been imitated throughout the industry

Includes truck close_out panel, standard with seat

Go Rhino
Vdrain - Vehicle Drain System
Vdrain - Vehicle Drain System
Reduces officer exposure to potentially infectious bodily fluids and chemical agents.
Allows a complete cleaning of the back seat area for a healthier work environment.
Gets officers back in the field faster.
Guaranteed for the life of the patrol unit.
Full coverage of back seat floor area.
Heavy duty flexible material, won’t crack or break.
Unity Beam Post-mount Spotlight, 6"
Unity Beam Post-mount Spotlight, 6"
Unity Beam Post-mount Spotlight, 6"

The Beam, from Unity, is a post-mount 6" spotlight and the only emergency/ auxiliary lighting product that offers the convenience and safety of instant light when and where you want it.

Interior control handle
Fingertip switch
360° of continuous horizontal rotation
Up to 120° of vertical adjustment
Black or Chrome housing
Order spotlight and brackets separately for a complete installation
Specify vehicle year, make and model when ordering
Vehicle-specific mount kits sold separately

Chief Supply
Police Interceptors now carries an array of parts and full kits for the Ford, Crown Victoria, Police Interceptor.
New Ford, Crown Victoria, Police
Interceptor Parts:
Head Lights
Tail Lights
Marker Lights
Side Mirrors
Front Side Guards
Front Bumper
Rear Bumper
Front Grille
Front Panel
2100.00 (fitted)
There is the new full kit for the Ford, Crown Victoria, Police Interceptor for Police and Security which includes:
Roof Light Bar (Red and Blue for Police, Amber for Security), Push Bar, Cage Consul, TM4 Controller, Siren, PA, WigWags, and Take Down Light.  $4200.00 Installed +Tax.

The 'one-stop virtual-shop' for:
Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor 
Chevrolet Impala SS
 Caprice Police Cars
We have a huge selection of used, refurbished, safe, reliable Crown Victoria, Caprice, and Impala former police vehicles to choose from for your fleet or a personal vehicle.
We will gladly assist anyone looking for a safe reliable car!
A Smart and Economical Choice for:
Student/New Drivers
Security Services
EMS Units
Taxi Services
Limousine Services
Filmmakers and Movie Companies
Anyone looking for a Safe and Affordable Car!