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We are a family owned and operated company that provides, safe, reliable vehicles for the general public and law enforcement community, as well as, high-quality law enforcement equipment. We work hard to stimulate our local economy by putting Americans to work, utilizing neighboring businesses and using American-made products.
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The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, specifically designed for law enforcement, has a high-speed package containing a high-performance engine with twin cam, multi-point injected V-8, and a high-performance computer. The 4-speed electronic transmission has an extra capacity limited slip and high ratio rear end. Ventilated rims on these police cars are one inch wider than standard to force air onto the breaks for cooling, which is essential for stopping power at high speeds. The suspension package has high-performance front and rear sway bars with heavyweight suspension bushings. The P71 CVPI has NASCAR quality, fully adjustable front suspension that can be dialed in for high-performance driving. Our retired police cruisers have 120 amp alternators and external, aircraft quality engine coolers, two transmission coolers, double fan radiator cooling system, and, of course, a heavy-duty radiator.

Pre-sale Vehicle Servicing includes: engine fluids, spark plugs, wires; air filter, oil filter; high quality Valvoline VR1 oil, throttle body plate intake service and cleaning; engine and transmission mounts checked and/or replaced; transmission service, filter and gasket change and inspections, refilled with high quality Dextron3 fluid; limited slip rear end fluid replaced as required; brake fluid flush and inspection with a high quality pad replacement; wheel and axle bearings inspected and serviced.

We always have new stock available at our dealership. Come on down to 3901 E. La Palma Avenue #A in the City of Anaheim to check out our inventory!

Here are some of our vehicles that we have refurbished for the Town of Paradise. This police department had a great bunch of people to work for and there town really has a touch of paradise about it.

In the above picture, Commander Raul Alvizo with the Delano Police Department is picking up one of his refurbished vehicles . With shrinking budgets, Police Departments are able to cut their vehicle replacement costs in half by refurbishing their vehicles.

The above photo is Seton Montgomerie the general Manger of Wild Rose Motors Refurbishing Division and Sergeant Mike Nicholson with the Delano Police Department. Sergeant Mike Nicholson was picking up the last of the vehicles that we refurbished for them.

Seton with Chief Donald Fernald & Corporal Mike Dresen. Rowland Unified School District is very happy with the vehicles we have refurbished for them.

Here is a fleet we just did for Hesperia School Police.
Police Training Vehicle
Police Training Vehicle
We were asked how much 1/2 of one of our vehicles would cost - the customer was serious! They wanted only the front seat and dash area for a training vehicle. We took them up on their challenge and are supplying them with a fully customized police training vehicle. We spotted our handy work at the Cops West Show in Ontario for Raytheon.

It took a really smart Real Estate Developer to come up with this idea - Check it out - This baby will be parked at various locations to deter vandalizism and crime. For around $6,000 this problem has been solved. We expect they will be telling their business associates (as we are telling you) - what a great idea - and we provided them with the logo & stickers!!!

Sell or Retire your patrol car:
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Crown Victoria Police Interceptors - By Seton

How much do you love your husband/wife/kids/pets - SHOW IT!

The Interceptor P71 is now available from Wild Rose Motors Police Interceptors. Low mileage/late models/safe cars starting at $5,000. What a deal! Stay alive on the freeways and look after the family - all while getting great freeway gas mileage - better than some 4 cylinder cars!!!

How is this possible??? A 4.6 V8, automatic, full-size, steel reinforced body with a box chassis frame that weighs more than 4,000 lbs, heavy duty everything, 4-Door Sedan that is High Performace/High Crash Test Rated/High Speed/High Safety Rated.

These cars are made especially by Ford for the Federal Government for Federal/State/City Department Employees to drive - keeping them safe on the job. Not available for sale New to the public.

These CVPI's are made, not to a price, but to the best full sized car Ford can build with the heavy duty police interceptor package. The Federal Government goes to the major manufacturers and asks them to build the safest, fastest, strongest, most reliable, most fuel efficient vehicles with low maintenance costs they can build to supply vehicles to the Federal Government and agencies.

These cars are tested by Ford and the Federal Government to a higher standard than any other car on the road. Crash Tested at 75 MPH with a 5 star rating & almost twice the crash test speed of any other vehicle. It is a Super Car! This is IT! The best car on the road, in my opinion!!! A no-brainer (I think) for it's cost. I cannot think of a car that I would rather be driving during an automobile accident. Even the top-end imports are over $100,000, in my opinion, they are not as safe as the Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.

These CVPI's are an industry secret - not advertised at all. We want to have people safer out there on the roads & will do what it takes to have you driving a CVPI from Wild Rose Motors Police Interceptors.

We can finance anyone we want to! Bad credit/no credit/etc...
Financing as low as 4.5% for good credit & HUGE DISCOUNTS FOR CASH PAYING CUSTOMERS!

Wild Rose Motors Goes To HOLLYWOOD!!!

Wild Rose Motors was recently asked to provide a California Highway Patrol vehicle for the movie industry. Upon receipt of the specs, Seton Montgomerie took the vehicle pictured below and provided the special effects company with an exact replica of the police car they were using on-set. Only, the car Wild Rose Motors provided was purchased to be the ''stunt vehicle double'' - check out how we turned the car into a prop car...

- and -

Seton not only sent the car to the paint shop, but...he and Raul created a prop car for the special effects guy to flip - the engine was removed for safety purposes and Seton did all the grunt work - making life much easier for the special effects guy. He was very impressed!

Fueled by the Fallen
Fueled by the Fallen
Kevyn Major Howard, ''Rafterman'' from Stanley Kubrick's blockbuster film Full Metal Jacket, challenged himself in 2007 to name just one Hero that had died for his freedom. ''I was watching the nightly news as they announced that 12 died this day and 7 that day'', Kevyn said. ''I woke up one morning and challenged myself to name just one person who has died for my freedom'', he continued. ''I couldn't.''
So Kevyn decided to do something about it. He started the Fueled By The Fallen, a 501(c)3 non-profit. Kevyn enlisted the expertise of Chuck Spiker, a lifelong drag racer and former National Go Kart Champion, to create a memorial that would get the attention of all Americans. ''The reason we chose race cars is because you can get the attention of a two year and a ninety-two year old with one'', Kevyn said. Chuck took a 1963 Nova and created a 10 second quarter mile door slammer drag car representing fallen Marines from Iraq and Afghanistan. ''Maybe I can get people who look upon the race car to remember just one name. If I can do that, I have accomplished my mission'', Kevyn continued.
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You Spoke...We Listened!!!

By popular customer request, we are proud to announce that Wild Rose Motors Ltd - Police Interceptors has a new Service Department with a Full-Time Certified Mechanic onsite.

Our new onsite Service Center provides preventative maintenance, oil changes, and electrical diagnostic tools for determining any mechanical defect or problem. Our service is guaranteed and we offer the same quality Ford Dealership Service at a fraction of the price to you!

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